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A blog article on Creative Review caught my attention today with an extremely clever, creative identity. Hoxton Street Monster Supplies is a shop in London that sells products for monsters. All proceeds go to the Ministry of Stories, a creative writing and mentoring centre for young people in East London. The aim of the identity is to encourage young people to be creative and use their imagination like the one used in the creation of products for the store. This mirrors the aim I have for a piece of work I am working on at the moment for Alice in Wonderland so it is interesting to see a similar goal being put into action.

The packaging of all products conveys simple typography, with creative names for products such as a tin of sweets named “A Vague Sense of Unease” and a clotted cream fudge bar called “Impacted Earwax”. Working for a company like this must be a lot of fun as your creativity would always be encouraged.

The shop’s website is the thing I was drawn to first as they have recently updated their settings. The website is set to “human” mode by default, but can be changed to mummies, vampire bats, werewolves and zombies. This changes all text throughout the site with humorous results. My favourite has to be zombies with the shop’s tagline now “Braaaains Brains BRAAAAAINS Braaaains BRAAAAAINS”.

I love the concept of this identity and admire how even the smallest detail has been included in the act. “We are tragically unable to accept beans (magic or otherwise), and no longer accept human sacrifice” is written before describing the numerous types of bank cards accepted for payment.

Seeing a brand as creative and imaginative as this has really brightened my day and inspired me when working on my own creative projects.

You can visit the website here.

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