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Inspiration: Misconceptions by Jess Wong

One of my favourite creative booklets to date is a hand lettered book by graphic designer Jess Wong. I cant’t remember how I came across her work — it was a while ago and I saved the website into a folder — but it is a constant reminder to me that a simple idea can take off into a unique spin. “Misconceptions” tells the story of motherhood in an interesting light. Most of the time you hear happy stories of people and their babies bonding with one another. You see photos on Facebook of the good times and people getting broody themselves looking at images of the new baby. However, no one ever really talks about the difficulties behind closed doors. Between the night feeds and the nappy changes, it can sometimes all get a bit too much. I’ve not yet experienced motherhood myself, but after babysitting my cousin’s baby for four hours and needing a lie down when I went home, I can only imagine the stress they feel in the first few months. “Misconceptions” starts off with lovely handwritten type before gradually getting larger and more out of control as the woman’s feelings get more intense. Before long, the page…

Notebook Experiment

Last week I designed a pattern developed from previous watercolour designs. I have always had a love for stationery so decided to print the design onto a notebook cover out of curiosity. When I was younger I would go to WHSmith and just stand for ages looking in awe at the stationery collections. This has carried on even until now and I often buy stationery from Paperchase or any gift shop due to it’s stylish cover. (I know they say never judge a book by its cover, but in my eyes notebooks don’t count!) My room is filled with empty notebooks purely because I loved the cover but don’t have anything interesting enough to put inside and in my mind a terrible filling is like disrespecting the design (weird I know). Anyway, the pictures aren’t great but I am quite happy with the results. The notebook is a hardback with blank inside pages. I have decided to experiment a bit further and develop new patterns and prints for fun which I may blog about later. In the meantime, I now have another notebook to hopefully one day fill.