Notebook Experiment

Last week I designed a pattern developed from previous watercolour designs. I have always had a love for stationery so decided to print the design onto a notebook cover out of curiosity. When I was younger I would go to WHSmith and just stand for ages looking in awe at the stationery collections. This has carried on even until now and I often buy stationery from Paperchase or any gift shop due to it’s stylish cover. (I know they say never judge a book by its cover, but in my eyes notebooks don’t count!) My room is filled with empty notebooks purely because I loved the cover but don’t have anything interesting enough to put inside and in my mind a terrible filling is like disrespecting the design (weird I know).

Anyway, the pictures aren’t great but I am quite happy with the results. The notebook is a hardback with blank inside pages. I have decided to experiment a bit further and develop new patterns and prints for fun which I may blog about later. In the meantime, I now have another notebook to hopefully one day fill.

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