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Today after running riot over town between printers and the art store, I went for lunch at Topolabamba on St. Vincent’s Street, Glasgow. It was the first time I had noticed this restaurant so decided to give it a try. I instantly fell in love with the decor as it reflected the Mexican food with Mexican motifs, rustic doors and wood panels, but also had a modern contemporary touch with colourful lights. Each table is given pencils to circle their choice of dishes — or as the girls at the table beside me were doing, draw and doodle on the back of the menu. Later on, I followed a bright white neon sign downstairs to the toilets. The stairs were decorated in Mexican mosaic tiles, with cartoon sketches of skeleton people and bulls making up the wallpaper. I reached some bright blue doors with rustic handles, with an illustrated skeleton with red lips highlighting the door for ladies. Through the door, the bright blue continued with beautifully tiles mirrors above each sink. When I went back upstairs, my food had arrived and it was as good as the decor suggested. The chicken tinga tacos are a must! I will definitely be back. You can visit…


A few months ago I took a 10 week Photography class. I have always been interested in photography so jumped at the chance to learn some techniques. I bought a Canon EOS 1200D and developed skills in composition and shutter speeds. I still require a lot of practise but really enjoyed the process and found this may be a field I would like to pursue in the future. I always started off terribly but once I warmed up my photos gradually got better until I was completely in the swing of it and even began to get more adventurous with angles. One of the hardest things for me was getting in close to objects. We are so used to taking photographs from far away but when you stand close to the subject instead of zooming in, the benefits really show. The only frustration is taking hundreds of images to only have a select handful you actually like. One piece of advice I will definitely take on board is to never judge an image from the tiny display screen on the camera. Photos can look great at the time but should only be judged once blown up on screen as this is where good images…