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Hand lettering: Emily McDowell

After much deliberating I have finally decided to publish my first blog post. I thought I’d start by sharing something I’ve always been drawn to but can never quite master properly myself: hand lettering. Growing up I would doodle and create my own lettering on endless numbers of pages, writing anything from my own name to just a random thought that came into my head. Unfortunately, I seemed to fall away from this as the years went on as school and work would get in the way, leaving me less time to practise. I hope to develop my hand lettering skills in the future as I feel it is a beautiful way of personalising type. One hand letterer in particular who always catches my attention is Emily McDowell. Emily creates beautifully hand-lettered cards, prints and products displaying humorous or truthful thoughts almost everyone can identify with. After quitting her job, she began selling prints on Etsy before creating her own card line in 2013. I admire the bravery it must have required in order to take that plunge and find it incredible that a few ideas can transform into a business if people can identify with the work. The Emily McDowell range not only interests me…