Last week I went to Malaga for a week away. I arrived with a terrible sore throat, and with temperatures much lower than expected, it soon developed into a cold. Spluttering away by the pool for the first few days wasn’t too bad as we were accompanied by the sun but after the Monday, things took a colder turn. It was an interesting experience being in Spain with cold winds, torrential rain and even thunder and lightning, especially when I was told the sun was splitting the skies back home in Glasgow! However, I really enjoyed having a break and having time to relax.

When it rains in Spain there really is not much to do apart from shop and drink. So we did both.

The hat I bought on my first day there was worn for two days then set aside for the rest of the week until finally being squashed in the case home. After window shopping and buying a few gifts, the eating and drinking commenced. We tried a selection of restaurants with one asian restaurant standing out from the crowd. After ordering crispy chicken with pineapple and chilli sauce, I was pleasantly surprised to be presented with my meal inside an actual pineapple. I was even more pleased when I found it tasted as amazing as it looked!

I also came across a number of beautifully designed houses, restaurants and wall art. It’s always interesting to see how countries differ in their designs and presentation. I love the whites, yellow and oranges Spanish people use to paint the exterior of their homes as even in the rain they appear sunny and inviting. The flowers that surround Spain are also colourful in their own right with intricate shapes and powerful scents enhancing the Spanish feel.

Although I enjoyed my week away, after a week of wearing jeans and two cardigans under jackets, it was nice to come home and actually see the sun; an unexpected sentence to write when talking about Glasgow.

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