Mother’s Day: Where It All Began

March 17, 2015

As yesterday was Mother’s Day I thought it might be good to touch on the woman who started my love of design.

At the age of two, my mum showed me how to draw a lamp. Little did she know, she’d created a monster. I would scream and shout until I was handed a pen and before long I had a little desk spilling with pages and pages of doodles. Initially my scribbles would be turned into drawings by my mum and then placed on the fridge, but this quickly had to stop due to the rate I produced new pieces meaning only the special doodles made it pride of place. I believe seeing her develop my scribbles into birds and objects must have opened my eyes to new possibilities as soon I was creating real drawings and adding stars and rings to simple outline drawings of my hands, baffling my nursery teachers as I continuously made beelines for the art corner.

My love of art didn’t end there as I developed further in school. Designing posters was my favourite part of every lesson, perhaps hinting at the career path I would later wish to pursue. I went through a variety of possible career paths in my head but they all stemmed from my love of art and design. I also have a love of writing so at one point I was convinced I’d be an author and illustrate my own books — then I realised I had to actually come up with a story, which proved to be a lot more difficult than first thought.

The turning point was when I was eight years old. After never having the opportunity to pursue her love of art and design and being pushed into a finance job straight from school, my mum decided to enrol in a HND graphic design course as a mature student. At the time I didn’t fully comprehend the bravery this must have taken, but now I fully appreciate how hard it must have been to start something completely new with a group of people much younger than herself. I would watch my mum come up with concepts and thumbnails then develop her ideas further digitally. I was in awe of the creative process and hooked straight away. It amazed me how an initial spark of an idea could develop into something brilliant, fuelling me to play around with Illustrator at home when she wasn’t busy, teaching myself how to use the pen tool to create my own images.

My mum went on after her HND to complete a BA Honours in computer animation and digital art, finishing with a 2:1. She continues to work in finance, but achieved her goal she had been wishing to pursue since she was a young girl. She also helped me decide on a career choice through her dedication and hard work. It’s great having someone who knows the process to bounce ideas off when you hit a wall or need inspiration as sometimes just a simple chat can help build ideas. I’m very grateful I have always been encouraged to follow my creativity and never pushed into a path I didn’t want to take. I love the creative process and am so glad I was shown how to draw that lamp.

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