Self Promotion

March 10, 2015

This week I’ve been dealing with an extremely difficult client. She’s rude, overly critical and keeps muttering under her breath about all my ideas being crap.

Oh yeah, it’s me.

Self promotion — two words which should fill me with excitement of how to get my name out there in the industry. Wrong.

Designing my own business cards has proven to be a pretty frustrating experience, as everything I come up with seems to be wrong. All ideas are perfectly acceptable but they don’t fit quite right. I heard someone say you’re never going to be happy when designing something for yourself and it’s definitely true.

What’s the best way to promote yourself? Research has shown me so many different ways other designers have approached this task. Most use a simple logo with clean typography on the back, while others use interesting patterns or a design in order to make themselves memorable. Recently I created an icon as part of a self promotion personal project that has proven to be popular on Instagram. I am playing with the idea of using that icon as a way of attracting attention as it has received positive reviews from peers and also represents my name. You can see the icon on a print in my portfolio here.

So I have decided to go back to basics. Keep the ideas I already have, but research further and try to identify who I want to be seen as. Perhaps a memorable icon would be more effective than a simple logo with simple typography? Or maybe simplicity is best? I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. As long as I have a design the difficult client is happy with in the end.

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